Terrie Barroso over at Craftee Cards awarding me with a 'Stylish Blogger Award'. Thank you so much Terrie this is my first award I feel so specail. Thank you so  much Hugs Debbie

Things about myself:

1. I Love spending time with my hubby and my kids and their friends.
2. I love crafting everything.
3. I love camping now that our kids will be out of school and in collage we want to go camping in the fall.
4. I was a teacher for 10years wanted something new so was a Dialysis Tech for 21/2 years loved that too than got laied off now I'm a stay at home mom love it.
5. I don't like to cook.
6. We have a little dog called Molly just love her she's the best.
7.  I wish I had a friend that I could scrap  with all the time.
8. I appreciate everyone for coming to my blog & becoming a follower.

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