Monday, July 18, 2011

My new scrap room pictures

This is my Polymer Clay shelve but I can't locate my oven yet.

This is jewelry and Sizzix shelve

This one of my walls I just love this saying.

This is my fiddle crab and he sure can pinch hard

This my and Chelsea trutles love my trutle

This is the cornor were I work My TV was my surprise and I can play my DC and DVD.
Hi Emma

My cricut shelve the CE pulls out so it's always ready My imagine, Stamp maker, Sewing machine
I just love my colored drawers I pull it over by my chair

These are my floor I love the rug and so easy to sweep And this is Molly she
is always come back here and stealing things and running but she lets me know she has something it a game to her LOL

This one wall I love these dasies and that dress

I have shelves that go all around my room I love that. but I'm 6'1 so easy to reach for me.

My track lights go across my room I love they do put off alot of heat. But I love it.

My punches I do use them more because I can see them all.

Door for people to come in from the back yard

This is my chair were I set and a friend I have 4 windows Love that

My cornor

The other side of the room

My back yarn I love My hubby and Molly going for a walk and that our pool so  I can watch
the kids. I have a deer that comes out back and lots of birds and some bunnies I have
watch grow up. Over in the left cornor is my other 2 girls Snowball and Baily
when I have my window open they talk to me. I have a hummingbird feeder right out my window
So that my new scraproom I love it I'm there all the time. I you want to come and scrap with me
You are so welcome Come on in. 
Hugs Debbie

Thanks for stopping by I still haven't gotten any curtains yet can't find what I want. or the color any
ideas I love to hear them I'm staing with the colors Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Black. lol

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