Monday, October 24, 2011

Winner Winner Winner

The winner of the stickers and vinyl Save the Tatas is Anita BraddockCongrates to you send me your Address so I can get them in the mail.

Wanted to let everyone know that my Husband was let go of his job of 20yrs out with the old in with new. It's really sad that companies are going on if they like you or not if not out you go no matter how much money you are making the company. Will getting off my high horse just please pray for us as we both find a new career. Thank you

Hugs Debbie


craftaholic said...

Congrats to the winner and So sorry to hear about your hubby loosing his job after so long. I hope that you both are very lucky in finding another job very soon and I am praying that things get better for you very soon! Take Care!

Anita Braddock said...

wow thanks so much for the win. have just sent you an email

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